Events & Pop-up Shop Management 2018-05-24T20:34:22+01:00

Project Description

Events & Pop-up Shop Management

Madhouse / Fire Trap / Ben Sherman, etc…


Require quick low cost solution for dealing with – Quick Deals / Surplus / End of Season stock.


The creation of a mobile strike team encompassing IT, Transport, Storage, Support to undertake and implement a number of quick low cost solutions anywhere to sell customer deals & surplus products.


Created several formats- Clearance Store (warehouse/hotel), Pop Up shop & Events Trailer.

Undertake the selection, organisationof suitable retail format, signage, branding, collection, receipt, preparation, promotion, advertisement & sale of client products with full inventory control & accountability.


Quick efficient solution for the disposal of surplus stock by clients whilst retaining control yet attaining accessibility directly to the public with minimal disruption to existing market where brand exposure exists.