Stock De-branding & Disposal 2018-05-24T20:35:22+01:00

Project Description

Stock De-branding & Disposal


Solution for dealing with weekly store returns, jobbed & recalled stock.


The organisationand implementation of a dedicated solution dealing with the disposal of daily store returns, end of lines, jobbed & recalled product.

Collation of product information and issues that may arise.


This service is undertaken for a number of high street clients and can be in the form of either end of lines, jobbed stock or store returns.

Aim with all product whether returns or jobbed is controlled disposal so that it doesn’t return back in the supply chain.


Stock is de-branded and disposed of in a controlled manner into markets that prevent the product returning to the customers supply chain.

We have created and associated company called Novo Co. that undertakes controlled disposal by moving product to Africa, Asia & Eastern Europe daily.