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Project Description

Returns Logistics & Management

Tesco Stores Plc.


Back to School & Halloween products consolidation at end of sale period.


The stock was required to be collected, QC and consolidate from various stores in an organised & managed manner. Accurate records were required, organised, reworked & prepared into a retail format and stored for the following seasons call offs.


Organised a “one stop solution” comprising transport, storage, IT and a dedicated team to managed the smooth and timely delivery of the project.

Product was received in mixed in pallet bins. It was necessary to downloaded all product sku’sand barcodes from Tesco . These were fed in to the installed conveyors with mounted scanners attached them, which automatically accounted for all received products. Daily data was submitted to Tesco for accountability
Once accounted and sorted the product was assessed for saleabilityand dealt with accordingly
All re-saleable product was repacked and stored for call off for the following season.


Tesco was provided real time information in an organised, accountable manner allowing them to control, organiseand despatchthe following season in a efficient manner.