When you're in trouble who do you call?

Well we have built a reputation for finding the solution and dealing with the issue whether its Quality Controlling 74,000 ASDA garments in one day to baking millions of red noses or 9,000,000 units re-priced.

  • Contentious issues dealt with in a discreet and legal manner
  • Secure De-labelling
  • Insolvency work carried out on behalf of Baker Tilley, Kroll, Price Waterhouse, etc.
  • Total accountability / multi-site collections / storage / inventory / retention of title & despatch
  • Receive problematic trailers & containers not compliant to Health & Safety & VOSA
  • Mobile QC & Support teams to handle issues & offsite work at client sites and DC's
Process over 50 million units per year Handle items from garments, footwear, accessories, household goods
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